Explore the beautiful landscapes in Italy with a luxurious car

According to the International tourism board, Italy is the fifth most visited country in 2016. With 52 million visitors, it’s revenue reached 40.2 billion dollars in the same year. Situated at western Europe, Italy shares borders with five countries, France, Switzerland, Austria, San Marino and Slovenia. The main attractions for a tourist to visit Italy are its rich culture, delicious Italian cuisine and art. It got beautiful landscape, mountains and coastline all equally mesmerizing in their own ways.

Italy is the home to some of the most exceptional luxurious supercar manufacturers across the world. Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Lancia are some of the renowned brands. Italy is gifted to have a right balance of nature’s beauty from snow peaks mountains, spectacular coastal sea line to green countryside. These landscapes provide the tourists to unwind in Italy’s best scenic road trips.

Stelvio Pass for Mountain enthusiasts

  • Located in Northern Italy, Stelvio pass is a perfect place for those who prefer alpine views. Driving in Stelvio Pass makes an average driver feel like a superhero. SS38 is the official name given for Stelvio pass, and it is the highest mountain road in Italy with an elevation of 9045 feet above the sea level. It is 200 m away from Switzerland border. It has 48 hairpin bends. It is indeed, one of the adventurous roads in the world. The view is spectacular and driving at the early hours of the day can avoid motorbikers and cyclists traffic.
  • This mountain road drive is undoubtedly a magnet to all the passion drivers and sportsperson around the world. Rent a Ferrari in Italy and get ready for an adrenaline rush while riding in the great Stelvio stretch road. Riding a Ferrari 458 Spider on these hairpin bends makes it easier by its incredibly quick steering control and V8 power engine. This drive is truly breath-taking experience.
  • Stelvio National park is the internationally renowned tourist place for his popular skiing activity and winter getaway destinations. Stelvio pass is always bursting with life and enthusiasm. The rustic villages and family farm like Mitterhof, at the backdrop of the stunning Italian Alps, makes it a dream destination. It gives an excellent portrait of native mountaineering culture and treats your taste bud with farm-grown exotic herbs, mountain cheese, and jams.

Tuscany for countryside and art lover

  • Tuscany is a one-stop destination for all types of tourists. It offers vineyards and wineries to food and wine lovers, several architecture and incredible monuments for an art lover. The olive groves and cypresses give spectacular greenery for the nature lovers. Driving in Tuscany helps you to visit small towns where own transportation is the only possible way to get there.
  • Rent a Ferrari in Italy and head to Pisa. The Leaning Tower in Pisa is one of the internationally recognized famous tourist spot in Italy. Climb up to the tower not only for a fantastic view but also to get an incredible climbing experience. Drive to explore a panoramic view of a vast wine area in Chianti region. Experience picturesque vineyard-covered hills at each bend in this rolling landscape. Chianti is located between Florence and Siena. Taste their world famous red-wine in numerous varieties. Wine museum offers the visitors to taste 200 wines labels.
  • Tuscany hosts many magnificent archaeological museum and academy museum. Visit the opera museum anexact masterpiece structure from the 14th Places like Siena has interesting architecture which takes back the tourists to middle age era. Gothic Cathedral building is Siena’s great treasure, which has a majestic exterior and interior with white and greenish-black marbles. Even the cathedral pavements are decorated with mosaics art to create storytelling treasures.

Sicily for seafood and Island lovers

Sicily Island lies in the Mediterranean Sea. Sicily has the famous landmark Mount Etna. Etna has the tallest active volcano in the world which is more than 10000 feet above sea level. Mediterranean diets are famous for its health benefits worldwide. Sicily hosts numerous exciting seafood cuisine in the world. This is a well-known international destination for top chefs to start their food business.

Lake Garda

One of the biggest lake in Italy is Lake Garda. It is near Venice region. It is a perfect scenic drive along the shimmering lake. The pastel colour Italian villas are famous among the tourists for its beautiful photogenic background. There are historic places to check on this route. Verona, Brescia Limone Sul Garda and Trento are the famous tourist stops while driving in this beautiful lake.

Almafi Coast

This coastal region can be found along the southern sides of Sorrento Peninsula. It is situated near Naples, which offers a beautiful scenic stretch along the coastal line to the tourists. In 1996, UNESCO honoured these coastlines as “World Heritage Site”. The road overlooks the gorgeous Tyrrhenian sea. There are great viewpoints along this coastal line. Salerno, Ravello and Amalfi are some of them.

Lake Como

Como is the second largest lake in the Italian district next to Lake Garda. Drive to this Lake Como from Milan and witness the stunning blue waters and the Rocky Mountains. Lake Como has famous lakeside villages like Bellagio, which is a small peaceful place with large villas. It also hosts the famous ancient building Basilica of Sant Abbondio. Take a break from driving, and if you a hiking enthusiast then Como town offers his visitors to hike to the top of Brunate Funicular to get an epic visual across the coastal region.

Foothills of Sabina

When heading to Rome, driving through Sabina is a best bet. To understand the Italian culture in more depth, it is the perfect route. You will drive through the banks of River Tevere, which has numerous olive groves in the region. You can find high-quality olive oils in this place.

Thus, by renting a car, you can create your itinerary. Experience the Italian roads which are one of the best in the world and rent a Ferrari in Italy to get an all-new experience.…

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